FUNJOB is located in Shanghai, the economic capital of China. We are an enterprise specializing in import and export trade and international freight forwarding business. We are committed to providing global customers with a variety of high-quality goods trade and international freight forwarding services. Honesty, openness, and continuous improvement are our philosophy; bringing value to customers is our mission. We are committed to providing the best quality service to customers all over the world. Our products and services have been exported to Europe, the United States, South America, and Asia. We are still moving forward...
Customer service
Covered industries
International trade in goods (import and export business)

The company deals in various chemicals, raw materials, coatings, cosmetics, electronic products, office supplies, hotel supplies, household appliances, clothing, watches, glasses, toys, first-class medical equipment, hygiene products, agricultural and sideline products, pet supplies, Machinery and equipment, motor vehicle parts, building materials, hardware products, etc., at the same time guarantee high-quality goods import and export at preferential prices.

International freight forwarding corporate service business

The company provides international logistics and freight forwarders integrating international shipping, international air transportation, and import customs clearance agents. We take international shipping as the core, complete routes and reasonable prices; we are based on the principle of customer first, creating value-added services to provide customers Customer satisfaction service! At the same time, we also provide a series of financial or information services for enterprises, including supply chain management services, marketing planning, conference and exhibition agency, etc.

Corporate Philosophy
Integrity, openness, continuous improvement
Enterprise's goal
Guided by the "one body and two wings" development strategy, centering on the creation of a circulation 4.0 comprehensive trading company, the main business is the service trade of bulk production materials, the upstream and downstream extensions, the moderately diversified development, and the gradual transformation from traditional traders to internationalization with its own characteristics and advantages Value-added service traders.